ADE will cater for the most sophisticated of users through a wide variety of modes of interaction, from free*, browser-based, proprietary front ends——to open JSON, FIX, mini FIX and binary API's available for clients to code to.

Depending on client sophistication and needs, all types of entities will find what they are accustomed to.


FIX 4.2 is an industry standard that will allow most entities to port existing strategies from other derivatives exchanges in an efficient and non-labour-intensive manner. Moreover, this will work to improve time to market and contribute to keeping client onboarding costs low.


JSON is the API utilised by the ADE, browser-based Front End, it is something of a staple in the Digital Asset space. It allows clients coming from the Digital Assets space to seamlessly integrate into ADE in a familiar manner.


Binary API will initially only be offered to clients collocated in the same data centre as ADE. Since its footprint is lowest, in terms of messaging and writing to the wire, the binary API is quickest and would thus be best suited for market makers, high-frequency traders or any other latency sensitive entities.


LD4 data centre in London, UK

ADE's primary matching engine will be located in the LD4 data centre in London, UK.

Clients will be able to lease rack space directly from ADE or via other vendors.

ADE will aim to offer a VPS solution to its clients during the first year of operations.


All API connectivity coming into the ADE matching engine outside of the ADE utilised Data Centre will need to be whitelisted.

The purpose of this process is to allow API users to access the Exchange without any additional latency required to secure against nefarious behaviours e.g. DDOS. API Users who are collocated will be able to cross connect into ADE with no IP whitelisting.

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ADE offers API integration to its clients for accessing all of the available interfaces. For trading integration, ADE offers a choice of Binary, FIX, or JSON real-time API's.

Depending on the desired functionality and client expertise, clients can choose one of the available options. Binary offers the lowest latency, JSON the highest amount of functionality - while FIX is the industry standard, assuring easy portability.