Alternative Derivatives Exchange is a business incorporated in the United Kingdom and will be FCA regulated before launch. It is established and operated by Financial Industry professionals, with vast experience in Capital Markets.

The two founders, Djordje Radic and Emir Kamber have worked together on various FinTech projects for close to a decade. Producing low-latency Execution and Order matching solutions for a range of entities. Alternative Derivatives has been in development since early 2017; the technology has been deployed and the business is currently in the process of gaining regulatory approval.

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ADE is a business with a large potential for growth, through the listed niche, alternative markets it aims to gain a foothold in the derivatives space and challenge the world premier venues.
Driven by its Proprietary high-performance matching technology with unique features allowing for an extremely large number of trades to be executed on the exchange, ADE will drive costs down and volumes up.
As a result of Clear Chain, ADE features a high level of automation leading to lower operating costs which translate into lower settlement costs for clients.

ADE is significantly ahead of the competition and is currently growing its management team to match its technology.




The founding team has worked together for 9 years on a variety of successful fintech and trading projects. HFT models produced by them have returned over 1,120% of uncompounded returns over 5 years. Prior to launching ADE, the team started a UAE-based Capital Markets technology business, Tachyon.

Djordje Radic


Holds a Politics Degree from Westminster and a Master’s Degree in Finance and Investment Management. An experienced entrepreneur with vast experience in Capital Markets and fintech, a practised leader who started his career at Fxall/Reuters/Refinitiv and went on to Communicating, Xenfin Capital, then founded Crom Trading/Tachyon/ADE; Communicating, a Software Vendor (ISV) and Prop Trading business is where he met Emir Kamber.

Djordje Radic on LinkedIn

Emir Kamber

CTO/Lead Dev

A UCL computer science graduate who has spent his career in the Capital Markets. An expert C++ developer, Emir is the technical lead of ADE. His career involved 12 years of running various trading models in the derivatives markets while he worked on deploying buy and sell-side solutions for Tier 1 banks and Hedge Funds. He has been a business partner with the CEO since leaving Communicating alongside him in 2012. Emir is an avid technology aficionado who got involved in crypto mining in 2013 and picked up Solidity in early 2015.

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Key Management

Alex Wilkinson


Alex is an extremely capable and experienced professional. His CV is a list of some of the most recognisable acronyms in Investment Banking. Former Principle of European Venture Fund COO /CRO, GKFX. GM, Clearing & Execution Services at INTLFCSTONE. Former MD, RBC Global Co-Head Futures & Base Metals. MD, Global Head Listed Derivatives. MD, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson. MD, Fimat Banque Ltd. (Société Générale). Alex brought years of experience in institutional markets and has been a trusted advisor to ADE founders since incorporation, officially joining in May 2020.

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David Hardy

Independent Chairman

David is an industry veteran with a lifetime of experience behind him. Previously group chief executive, LCH. Clearnet Group Limited, where he chaired the Group Management Committee and had overall responsibility for the Group’s strategic objectives and financial targets. Before the creation of LCH. Clearnet Group in 2003, Mr. Hardy served as chief executive, to The London Clearing House Ltd. (LCH). Since joining, David has been instrumental in helping design the post-trade settlement and clearing processes used by ADE's Clear Chain. David joined in May 2020.

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George Ferrari

Head of Business Dev

Having worked with the founders at Communicating Ltd, he boasts 30 plus years of experience in Finance and deep ties with senior finance industry professionals. His previous experience ranges from trading on the floors of all premier derivatives exchanges, COO positions, working with one of the first HFT trading shops, and marketing Bloomberg solutions to large institutional clients. George has been crucial in expanding the reach of ADE's management opening doors that would otherwise remain firmly closed to challengers such as us. He has been with ADE since incorporation.

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Nick Andrews

Head of Compliance & MLRO

Nick has had a distinguished 35-year career in the financial services sector that has included being on the Board of a large multi-disciplined securities broker/dealer, head of credit at the UK banking subsidiary of Japanese securities house and many years in senior credit and compliance roles. Nick is the Chair of MPAC which is a leading corporate compliance and regulatory advisory firm.

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Steve Reeves


Steve is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience in senior management roles within financial services; including senior positions at firms such as AxiCorp, Interactive Brokers, ODL Group, City Index, and Merrill Lynch. He brings extensive regulatory experience from the UK and overseas, from multiple approved person roles with the FCA, including significant involvement in corporate transactions and Stock Exchange Listing experience at the director level.

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Pavel Moravec

Non-Executive Director

Pavel is the Co-Founder of and CEO of Braiins Systems. He is the highly technical lead engineer of Slush Pool (the world’s first Bitcoin Mining pool with more than 1m BTC mined since 2010) crucial to assisting ADE with launching deliverable SHA-256 Hash Rate Futures. Braiins Systems is also the lead investor in ADEs Seed Round and one of the key stakeholders in ADE.

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ADE Team:

Aleksandar Popovic

Head of Front-End Dev

Aleksandar is an Angular and React developer with great attention to detail. As a result, he is independently responsible for the ADE's Network and Application monitoring systems and the Client facing reporting interface. As head of Angular development, Aleksandar is responsible for all applications and interfaces that utilise Angular as their backbone. Also responsible for building and maintaining ADE's web presence, he has been with the ADE team since late 2018.

Aleksandar Popovic on LinkedIn

Nikola Bozic

Front-End Dev

Nikola joined ADE as one of the first employees and has been with us since. He had previously been engaged by Tachyon; the UAE entity owned by the founders. There he worked building trading front-end interfaces for Spot and as the most talented of the developers hired by Tachyon was transferred to ADE as the founders’ focus shifted. He is the lead dev for ADE's trading interface as well as the various Clear Chain interfaces. Nikola joined ADE in Feb 2019.

Nikola Bozic on LinkedIn

Milos Kovac

Head of Quality Assurance

A quick learner and a people person. In charge of assuring that the founder’s vision is translated into code which executes according to design each and every time. Acting as the main point of quality control, Milos employs automated and manual testing techniques to capture even the least probable, edge-case scenarios which may cause poor system performance. Milos joined ADE in December of 2019.

Milos Kovac on LinkedIn

Nikola Djurdjevic

Senior Back-End Dev

Nikola is Golang/Rust Software Architect for highly scalable distributed systems. With a background in C++ and Java, Nikola works on web applications which are based on HTTP/1.1 or HTTP/2 Rest, native TCP, UDP and WebSocket traffic. He has been responsible with building a unique testing platform, automation engine, load balance system and is charged with upgrading the database infrastructure.

Bogdan Stefanovic

Legal and Compliance

Bogdan is a qualified Legal Expert; having finished a Law Degree and having passed the Bar, he provides legal and compliance support for ADE staff based in Serbia. He is tasked with drafting the Employee Rulebook and all company contracts for the dev and dev ops staff. With a keen interest in DLT and Market Infrastructure he is being trained in all things ADE.

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We intend to operate the leading electronic global futures marketplace for trading a broad array of alternative products with a special focus on Digital Assets. Currently, we are the only marketplace planning to offer an electronic venue for the trading of a range of deliverable Digital Asset products as futures. Through our electronic trading venue, our marketplace brings together buyers and sellers of derivative contracts on Digital Assets and several other alternative products. Our electronic platform increases the accessibility and transparency of the Digital Asset markets and enhances trust, speed, and quality of trade execution. Additional products in the product pipeline include Freight, Weather, and Hashing futures. Freight and Weather will be launched in partnership with entities that currently act as brokers in these markets or are large participants e.g. shipping companies.

The open architecture of our business model — meaning our ability to offer centralized access to trading in futures on a decentralised cleared basis, through multiple interfaces — allows our participants to optimize their trading operations and strategies.

We intend to conduct our futures business directly, and our Clearing business through a partnership with one of the third-party Regulated Clearing Houses or, should it become necessary, through a wholly-owned subsidiary, ADE Clear Chain. At launch, ADE will be the largest Digital Assets futures exchange outside of North America (by default).

ADE will also offer a variety of market data services for futures, which we later intend to spin off into a market data subsidiary. ADE owns its entire technology stack which is marketed via SaaS agreements and forms an additional revenue stream for the business. At ADE we will offer market participants price transparency, a full market depth view, liquid markets, integrated delivery mechanisms, and transactional integrity all at a fixed low cost.

This is in contrast to the lack of transparency of traditional voice-brokered markets, centralised crypto spot markets, or alternative execution venues that charge a percentage-based execution fee. All orders placed on our platform are executed in the order in which they are received, ensuring that all participants have equal execution priority despite their size. In addition, the transparency of our platform facilitates market regulation (MIFID II Compliant) through increased market visibility and the generation of complete records of all transactions executed in our markets.

Our management is independent from our participants and trading activity on our electronic platform, which allows our team to act impartially in making decisions affecting trading activity. In contrast, many of our competitors are participants in their own markets, or are governed by their stakeholders, larger market makers or other market participants.

We believe that our governance structure promotes value for participants and is conducive to the operation of fair and efficient markets. We also believe that it provides us with greater flexibility to launch new products and services as well as to evaluate and pursue growth opportunities while ensuring impartial treatment for our participants. The fact that we do not participate as a principal in any trading activities allows us to avoid potential conflicts of interest that could arise from engaging in trading activities while operating our marketplace.


Alternative Derivatives Exchange ltd is presently mostly owned by its founders, with only Angel investment accepted thus far. Over 90% of the business equity is split between the two founders.

At present, ADE is prepared to entertain offers for 1 - 10% of the business. For UK companies and individuals, ADE can facilitate offer additional benefits of UK investor Tax incentive schemes such as EIS.

If you would like to know more about ADE business, its disruptor technology, or the investment opportunity, please get in touch via