Alternative Derivatives Exchange will be the first institutional venue with a near-exclusive focus on Alternative Assets.

Driven by its best in class proprietary technology, ADE will build its niche in alternative asset classes and add complementary traditional products over time. Our technology stack is cutting edge, in house designed and built by Financial Industry professionals, with backgrounds in High-Frequency Trading, Investment Banking, and Financial Clearing. The next generation of exchange technology (employed by ADE) is unique, backward compatible, and features the highest level of functionality with unparalleled performance.

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Best in class Trading Experience
with the highest order matching capacity

ADE's technology is designed and built for professional trading participants. All interfaces are designed for active trading and are accompanied by institutional account management. Our matching engine has the world's highest matching capacity (order matching latency of 2 microseconds). Market Data distribution is facilitated via multiple real-time API's, which include JSON, FIX, and Binary.

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Regulated Business

A Range of Alternative Products

Deliverable Digital Assets, Freight, and Climate Futures are just some of the products that will be listed on ADE. The venue will focus on product innovation driven by its revolutionary technology stack. ADE’s Clear Chain, coupled with its integrated Exchange stack allows the listing of unique product groups.

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ProductsADE is a venue focused on product innovation. Deliverable Digital Assets, Freight, and Climate Futures are just some of the products that will be listed on ADE.
FeesADE will strive to have the lowest fees among its peers. A flat fee structure is applied across the board for Execution, Clearing, and Market Data subscription.
ResourcesADE will provide ongoing customer support and resources to assist in facilitating market access for all its clients. 24/7 customer support and various user guides, documentation, and training videos are available.
Risk Management
Risk ManagementVarious dynamic, real-time, and pre-submission risk limits are employed at all hierarchy levels. Efficient risk management and system integrity are the primary focus of all ADE technology.
Clearing Structure
Clearing StructureADE employs a unique high-performance blockchain-based clearing and settlement mechanism. Clear Chain facilitates clearing of all assets and tracks risk in real-time.
Safety of Assets
Safety of AssetsADE is integrated into several third-party custodians via Clear Chain. Assets are kept in Clearing Member omnibus accounts and there is no movement of physical until settlement.
Collocation Service
Collocation ServiceADE's matching engine will be deployed in the LD4 Slough Data Centre. Clients are welcome to secure collocation services from third-party providers or directly via ADE managed racks (or VPS).
IP Whitelisting
IP WhitelistingAny IP accessing the system via an API will need to be whitelisted by ADE Network Support. WebApp access is not IP restricted and can be accessed from any location.
API documentation request
API documentation requestClients can integrate directly via one of the multiple API's provided by ADE. To assist this process, ADE operates a UAT environment and has made detailed API documentation available for client use.
Live Trading
Live Trading
Live TradingSign up for ADE's UAT environment to test trading strategies or begin integration via one of the offered pointer.


Technology Leasing:
Entire platform or a specific component, available on a SaaS basis

Most institutional venues run on aging technology (often 10+ years old), while start-up venues are often caught between a rock and a hard place i.e. running inadequate technology stacks or paying several million per annum to run dependable but dated stacks. To address this, all ADE solutions are available on a SaaS/PaaS basis at very competitive pricing.

Order Matching
Order MatchingAt the core of ADE's, systems is a high-performance matching engine guaranteeing the integrity of every trade executed. Capable of matching in excess of 1m order per second.
Market Data Dissemination
Market Data DisseminationADE is a high-performance venue. As such, clients have the option of utilising one of 4 real-time Market Data pointer when subscribing to pricing feeds. 
Asset Tokenisation
Asset TokenisationADE relies on Smart Contracts for runtime tokenisation of all assets traded on the venue. This allows for easy ownership portability and added levels of security.  
User Interfaces
User InterfacesADE's User Interfaces are built with professional participants in mind. As such, they feature a high level of customisability and allow a myriad of ways for users to interact with the market.
Risk Systems
Risk SystemsADE risk systems include volatility driven dynamic Initial Margin Requirements, a unique deleverage delivery procedure, and real-time mark-to-market 
Internal Systems
Internal SystemsADE's internal supervision tools include Application and Network monitoring as well as Market Supervision and report generating tools.
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